Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stage I: Wisdom Tooth Operation + Preparation for Crowning

Follow up on my previous blog for "Wisdom Tooth ain't that wisdom after all", the appointment is today 11.30am. I woke up a bit late hence by the time we reached the dentist place it was about 11.40am.

When he first saw my face and said I look really anxious and that shouldn’t be the way before the operation. He made some jokes to ease my anxious and later on his lady assistant passed me 6 pills consist of 2 pink huge tablets, 2 white medium tablets and 2 longish blue tablets. I put everything into my mouth and gulped down with water.

He made a remark about me putting all 6 into my mouth; “Wow you’re such a brave girl, you put everything into your mouth!”

I reckon the reason why he said so is to tell me that am brave enough to go through the process without any qualms. Indeed I was extremely nervous and tensed!

He explained the journey to me that he will start to prepare my tooth that needed to do crowning; he would need to clear off the old patch clean it up and put on a temporary crowning while waiting for the real one. Later part would be the operation to remove the wisdom tooth.

Let's go through the process step by step with the pix...

Preparing the Jab

The Jab going into the area that need to extract the wisdom tooth and crowning

After the injection within less than few mins, my gums and my jaw got numb and awhile more half of my mouth numb

See the hole? That is the 1st hole that need to be fill up

The tooth behind as shown the pix above, affected as well hence the big hole. I was shocked when I saw it myself. So ugly! My goose bump rose when I saw the pix that he snap

See the BIG HOLE???

* My goose bump rousing still...

This is the tooth that need to be crown

I can hear all the drilling sound as the dentist cleaning up the tooth and he made a marking surrounding the tooth by burning the side of the gum to leave space for the crowning, For temporary a Gold-Plated crown to be fit in until the custom made crown came

After filing up the BIG hole

Snap shot of the pix, ignore pix no. 1 as that is someone else tooth

Moulding process

Later on the dentist inserts a purple colour thingy into my mouth on my right side to do marking as he need to get the mould done up before sending off somewhere to prepare my tooth crown

Tadah! That's the takes a week to do before crowning

Me in surgery outfit

I was given about 5 to 10 mins breakie before the surgery. As I couldn’t talk and I planned to type out in sms form and tell him I need to go to the loo but before I do so, he already ask, “Girl, do you need to go to washroom? Immediately I shake my head non stop and head off to the loo and I saw myself over the mirror, I look horrible! Pale and my right jaw rather puffy

After that the assistant help to dress me up the surgery outfit and I took sometime to cam-whore a bit :p The dentist was laughing at me for being so cheeky still

Was checking out when they were preparing all the tools

The complete sterilized tools for surgery

He begins to use the tool to drill into the spot and slowly he managed to get bits and pieces of the tooth out which is kinda broken. He has to take it bit by bit in order not to put any pressure point as the wisdom tooth root is sitting on the nerve. After several attempts to get the tooth finally he has no choice but to use a knife for further operation. He gotta be very careful in order not to disturb the tooth next to it.

Before further operation, he put another injection to ensure my gum really numb and then he proceeded to cut the gum out and my gum bleed profusely. I could sorta feel that as there are few times I’ve no choice but to gulp down my own saliva and I can taste the blood together with the left over from the drilling. Yucks!

Finally after cutting the gum he was able to extract the whole piece of wisdom tooth that was buried inside which also hitting the nerve that make it so uncomfortable. My gum was bleeding profusely still and the lady assistant kept on sucking the blood. Immediately the dentist sew back the gum and it was about 6 stitches all together.

Stitching in process

Done! Can you see the Gold-Plated tooth? Wow, I am so rich! :p

Bits and pieces of my wisdom tooth

The medicine - Antibiotics, Pain Killer, Unknown medicine and Cottons

I was so weak and tired and pain after the surgery. I slept in the car while on the way back. I reckon me being so weak and tired was due to I was too tensed up during the process. I still remember the lady assistant was telling, “Relax! You held the chair too hard”. Yeah I literally squeezing the arm rest really hard.

Reached home I sleep all the way for few hours with empty stomach. My mum woke me up and ask me to eat porridge. I realized that I can’t use much energy and no force from my right side as the nerves connected will pull over and affect the wound. Even sneezing also I have to control!

How I eat the porridge? I use straw to suck. I can barely open my mouth and both my lips side cracked as I’ve been opening my mouth for 2 hours! So I’ve been sucking porridge and water and I had few bowls of porridge as my stomach really empty and I can't suck too hard, I need to suck slowly so that it won't pull my muscles.

My first meal of the day after operation - Porridge + Blood in my mouth = Awful Taste!!

My maid at home looking at me with surprised thinking what happened to me and I point to my tooth, I guess she got what I meant.

I need to be on liquid and soft food diet for at least a week. Nothing hot and not too cold as well….ish! Moody man! Can’t enjoy food at all, I saw my favourite grapes in the fridge that he bought, mum enjoying it while all I can do it look only.

10 days later I need to go back to the clinic to remove the thread and remove the temporary Gold-Plated tooth. Then replace with my crown and make appointment for next filling up job on my left side. Thank god to do filling there won’t be any pain involve and no jab needed as well.

From now on, I need to cut down on sweet stuff which means I need to cut down my ‘Happy Meal’ – desserts! As sweet food = sweet tooth! Thus tooth decay!


Cely said...

OUCh!!! Pain lehhhhh by just looking the pictures

Cyrus said...

i kinda think when he said u so brave putting everything in your mouth sounds a bit sarcastic. like u eat so much till ur teeth got so serious.

it looked really painful. good to see u still can camwhore though. make sure u rest up. then we go for a nice dinner. hehehe...

Racheal Tan said...

Cely: Indeed very painful...been 3 days now the pain still there. The nerve pulling makes me so uncomfortable. Damn frustrated and moody :((

Cyrus: Nah, I dont think so negative like ya. I was nervous shit that time...I can't wait for it to heal and go for nice meal. 3 days wit porridge...sigh! So sickening!

- ddkwh - said...

eee...gelli!! hope u feel better soon!! cheers!! :D

Racheal Tan said...

David: Yeah damn geli, everytime I see the pix my goose bump rose!! Me getting better now, still on soft food diet. Been eating porridge for the past 5 days, freaking 'jelak'. Smell porridge wanna vomit d :(((

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

that's very scary! must had freaked out eh? even provided with large screen TV. sweat

Racheal Tan said...

irvine: Yeah tell me about it. I got really freaked out when I saw those. Ish! *goose bump rose*

Ashley Two Fish said...

that looks really painful but we gotta do what we gotta do right? heh heh. i 'ate' blood for 2 weeks too after surgery last month

Racheal Tan said...

Ashley: Yeah really painful, juz gotta bear with it for a moment and later happy ending! Been 6 days now since the operation and am doing good still :))

Poor girl 'ate' blood for 2 weeks. Lucky me then I only ate it for like 3 days...phew~~