Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stage II: Wisdom Tooth Stitches Removal + Completion of Crowning

My follow up of my previous blog for “Stage I: Wisdom Tooth Operation + Preparation for Crowning." The process was completed on the 20th Jan, Tuesday.

I was worried before I went in for the stitches removal as I was so afraid it would be painful. I asked the dentist few times no pain right and he confidently replied me; “No, sure no pain wan.”

So the process would be stitches removal and followed by completion of my crowning

Look at my worried-sick expression

He started off with cutting the thread and pull out the threadwith some tools. I can’t open my mouth entirely as my right jaw still pain due to the nerve pulling still which leads to the dentist have to be really careful as the wound is like really deep inside.
It was damn painful when he was pulling the thread out, I was like yelling a bit with half open mouth. A tear was flowing too and I can’t even talk due to the pain...and that was then I knew he cheated me! :(
Next step is to remove my gold plated temporary crown. Man, I can still feel the pain until now over this process. The dentist have to take out the temporary gold-plated tooth by pulling it out and clearing off the cements that was sticking hard to my half tooth.

Before he starts the procedure, he asked me if I need to put jab. Painful me after the stitches removal I asked him would it be another round of painful? He said nope and I said ok fine proceed without jab then. So he continued…

The drilling part during cements removal was really killing. As he drill I can’t seems to stop yelling and reacting due to the sensitivity reaction and plus my half open mouth was really sore and pain as nerve was pulling. Damn painful wei! Till I can’t take it I asked for a break.

Stubborn cements still sticking hard to my half tooth, dentist has no choice but to give me a jab before he could continue as the pain was unbearable.

After the jab reacting, he drilled off the stubborn cements happily. I still feel a bit of pain but not as crazy as before.

Painful me when the dentist drilling off the stubborn cements

Inside - That’s my custom made crown

Top View

Front View

The gold-plated temporary crown vs the real crown

Removal of cements done and he put on the custom made crown on my half tooth, the crown seems to be slighter bigger after he put it on and so he has to use the drill to drill it off a bit on the side to ensure the size is correct

Drilling off the side part of the crown

Dentist then filled up inside the crown with some cements and stick it on hard on my half tooth. He uses a string and asked me to bite on it to test on the even level of the crown; he tried on both side – left and right

I can't smile properly coz half of my jaw was numb

Finish off the crowning

Finally, voila! The crowning process done!

I was given MC but I’ve stuff to rush off at work. So I head back to office with empty stomach for 2 hours before I could eat as half of my mouth was numb.

Right after the jab subsides, the pain kick in…I was in tremendous pain. I can hardly talk; my right jaw pain and the nerve pulling like nuts + the wisdom tooth wound was pain too.

The pain was so severe till I decided to pop pain killers and I can’t do my work as I was then waiting for some costing before I could send email to client. So I took a nap at my desk for like about 10 to 15 mins. I looked like zombie with my pale complexion, plus hunger and the pang. Went back home, I sleep like a pig.
For the rest of the days till CNY, I am still using my left side to chew more than my right as I was kinda used to it. Only starting this week I started to chew on the right side. It still can’t take hard solid food yet but can chew moderate solid food. Improvement heh, am waiting for the day till I can eat crabs again!

I’ve another Stage III: Left side fillings job coming up which I’ve yet to make appointment. Plan to do it after CNY over. Stay tune for another round of juicy story ya :p


Arth Akal said...

i'm paranoid about going to the dentist, like seriously ;p

thank goodness, til today i've never had any tooth problem but i've always thought of getting my set grilled cos u know, grills are d new bling!

cwee said...

haha...wish u get well soon my dear...

Racheal Tan said...

Arth: Yeah tell me about it. I was forced to see dentist as the wisdom tooth got infected otherwise I wouldn't want to step into the clinic!

You really wanna grill ya set?

cwee: Thanks! Healed already, waiting for free time for next appointment to complete the fillings on my left side

breadpitt said...

glad u were ok now;-) btw nice ear rinng u have.....!look so YENG

cwee said...

oh glad to hear that.. so u can eat watever u wan!!!

Calvin Soo KJ said...

aiyo...kesian, kesian. you didnt hit the dentist did you??? :P

Racheal Tan said...

cwee: Yeah am glad I am fully recovered now!

Calvin: I almost wanted to hit him :p But my teeth health more important so I hold back myself after thinking :))