Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shrinking Me...

It’s not like I didn’t eat or on diet
But I’ve been shrinking
I put on my jeans today and realized
I’ve lost weight AGAIN!
I can actually stuff in 1 or 2 thin material tops into my jeans
To make up the empty spaces

Damn! I guess a person mood can really affect the health
I've been eating, but gastric still attacking me
Mild attack only, lucky me
Also, my period is late like a month now
Should I consider to take anti-depression pill?

Probably I didn’t get a good sleep
Plus work stress and personal issue
Hence all add up and equal to Shrinking Rachie

I’ve stopped gym for about 2 mths now
Due to the Wisdom Tooth pain and such
And now I don’t dare to step into the gym anymore
Coz I am losing weight now

If I continue to shrink the wind can really blew me off
Or probably I would look like below


mo_inoh said...

Humm there a product called body mass. Weight lifers you it to build mass. But you can also use it to build fat. You might give that a try

Calvin Soo KJ said...

wah......so thin. then can do cat walk lar...hehehehe

Michael Yip said...

sigh .. you so lucky.... I'm trying to shed pounds here but is gaining instead and you so easily loses weight... jealous jealous

Kim said...

Dun lose anymore weight babe... see u soon this weekend k.

Oh, here's a tag. Hehehe.. must post up your answer ah... :P

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breadpitt said...

so . u prefer to lose or gain?lol!take care gal;-)

TOLANIC said...

auchh..that is so thin T_T

WayeYoung said...

that's too thin o.o