Monday, April 20, 2009

A Night with Micky Tan @Fash Fab April Edition

This post is specially ‘For ladies who love drapes and ethnic prints’ from Micky Tan.

Micky Tan offers ladies a range of casual wear, cocktails dresses and gowns that are fluid and fun. Micky Tan loves to play around with variations of drapes and prints. She would sometime create dresses by accident or I would say rush of instinct that gives her the inspiration to come up a wonderful design. Micky Tan enjoy and loving what she is doing and she decides to create dresses that are commercially viable.

This mini collection has been her most interesting project so far by incorporating both drapes and prints which are her favourites elements. Micky decided to be bold once and for all and make these dresses in strong colours. Inspired by the woman who is trapped in a concrete jungle but wants to let loose, these dresses are a way of saying ‘I wanna break free.’ Shaded chiffon and satins are drapes on mannequin to achieve figures enhancing silhouette. Panels of 100% pure silk batik from Bali and feather trimmings are then incorporated into these dresses to give it character. Keeping that in mind that dresses should be fun, Micky decides to keep the length short.

Micky currently owns a shares production studio with her friends with hopes of expanding. Apart from creating mini collections out of passion, she also does production for independent labels and boutiques. Micky hopes that in the near future, she will be able to create more mini collection to cater to the different demands of this ever evolving fashion market.

On the 2nd April 2009 has marked down the showcase of Micky Tan’s Cocktail ’09 collection of dresses and tops at FashFab #11 in Twenty One Kicthen + Bar.

As a favor to my childhood friend whom I’ve known since I was 12 years old, I agreed to be one of her models and I’ve specially invited Kim Ong to be one of the models as well.

I wore the very first twirl tube dress. Absolutely cool dress as there is a technique to enhance my figure by twisting the dress to different direction for the top and the bottom part.

For the top part – twirl the dress to the right side. For the bottom part – twirl the dress to the left side.

Chilling and enjoying our dinner before the briefing

With Kim and Kim's Supermum

Candid shot - this beautiful stunning lady is Nila Palacios who does Salsa as well

Micky Tan briefing the 8 models

Rehearsals before changing

After changed, Kim Ong and Rachie

Charlene the cool lady and myself

With Fang; one of the photographer of the night and also helped organize the event

The 8 dresses with the stunning 8 models

Pix captured by Fang and she captioned this pix as ‘Commanding + Purposeful’

As I was catwalking and approaching my group of friends, they started to cheer for me and I can’t help it but smile. Apprently, they did it on purpose to make me smile

Heart my MJ Darling - luv' this pix

With Kim's Supermum

This is the gang that made me smile :)

After show posing for pix - with Min Li and Kim

Fang the photographer and the event organizer

With my childhoodie - Micky Tan

The 8 models with Micky Tan's beautiful creation

Together with the designer of the night - Micky Tan

List of Stockists:-

Nurita Harith Boutique
10-2, Telawi 3,Bangsar Baru,
59100, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Sunny Ang Boutique
402 Orchard Rd, #02-17,
Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876,

402 Orchard Rd #05-23
Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876,

For more on MickyTan, visit


Wilson Ng said...

Lovely pictures...

Superman said...

You look fabulous.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

can catwalk for me when i have my own designer label k?....hehehehe. btw, you looked stunning *salivates* and you're kinda serious during the catwalk. :P

Michael Yip said...

WAH! so nice...

Sure miss shooting fashion show. Missed this Fash Fab cause down sick. :(

Mj said...

darling u look awesome! yr dress is my favourite - not js cos i love u. hehe.

a bit tekejut c my pix also lo. - i looove the 2nd last pix. the line up is AMAZING!!

Fang Chyi said...

9 models ler... not 8 ;p said...

no wonder i thought i've seen you before! fashfab! haha..

hello btw. was nice meeting you yesterday. =) said...

nice.. =)

Racheal Tan said...

Wilson: Thanks!

Superman: Thanks *blush*

Calvin: Heheheh, sure sure can catwalk for you...I'll charge you cheaper ok? :p Yeah, some show you're not supposed to smile, I chose to be serious hence I look really fierce...hehehe

Michael: Awww...poor boy. Next round ok, if I get to model for her collection again *wink* ;)

MJ: Hehehehe, thanks dear. Thanks for turning up that night!

Fang: Oppsss....9 ar? Hmmm, my bad my bad

Cincau: Oh you were there that night huh? Nice meeting you too...but btw, I can't seems to access your blog, why ar?

Kenwooi: Thanks :)

breadpitt said...

omg...u can be part time model d;-p

Wei Wei said...

the ombre dress that ur wearing is