Monday, May 4, 2009

The Lovely Dogs That Crossed by My Life...

I've no idea what triggers me to became a dog lover now as I’ve never been one since I was young and I was so afraid of dogs. I still remembered when I was like 13 years old if my memory didn’t fail me…me and my family went over to relative’s place at Kuala Pilah and stayed overnight for a wedding ceremony.

The relative house has got a huge big dog; don’t ask me what dog is that as I’ve no freaking idea since I wasn’t into dog yet that time. Both my brothers was outside the car porch playing (no idea what they were playing with) so curios me, I went outside to check them out with the intention to join them. To my surprised the moment I step out there is this huge dog staring at me barking like once, I was then so damn scared I ran into the house with the sandal still on and the dog was practically chasing behind my butt!! It was so damn close like 1cm away. Can you imagine that moment how freaked out I was. So anyway, after that incident I swear to myself that I will never like dog or even touch them…but miracle happened somehow.

My first dog – Lucky the brown stray dog (no pix unfortunately)

My mum picked up a puppy brown colour stray dog from the morning wet market. It’s a she and we named her as Lucky as she is lucky to have us coz her other siblings either died due to hunger or got hit by car. So only left her and 2 more still alive if I’m not mistaken.

That was my very first encountered of getting close with a innocent and yet super cute puppy which I can resist and started to touch and play with her. After about 6 months down the road, she grew bigger and really huge, her size almost similar to a Rottweiler’s. Mummy and daddy couldn’t handle her anymore especially my dad since he can’t use much energy due to his health issue.

So normally it would be mummy’s task to bring her out for wee wee and poo poo in the morning. There was once she saw a male dog and got ‘sexited’ (I supposed) and gone mad. She kept on chasing the male dog while still on the leash with my mum holding on her. Mum was struggling with her and suddenly Lucky decided to gone all wild and pulled my mum along till she fell down. Both her knees were hurt with bruises and blue black. Since then for mummy’s safety we decided to give her out to mum’s friend whom likes her so much to own her. So my very first dog that took away my fear towards dog gone just like that.

My second dog – Oscar the Jack Russell Terriers

Second dog came by, a JR Terriers family whereby my elder bro got from a pet shop.
Jack Russell Terriers is a rare dog and not much people would take it as JR is famous for their superb hyper nature. It’s not easy to handle them but they are really smart as they are one of the hunter dogs and they loves daily outdoor activity hence this explain the hyper-ness.

My family loves him so much that he is almost the king at home. We put him indoor due to his size and we definitely don’t wanna lose him as we can anticipate a cute dog like him would attract people to commit crime by stealing him away.

We named him as Oscar and he has got a lot of nicknames up till now. I would call him Oscar San (Japanese version), Oscar Boy, Boy Boy, Baby Boy and Hunchy Bunchy. Hehehe…tell me about it I know too much of nickname huh. He remembers all of it somehow, this is why I said he is smart (like the owner which is me!) :p

We sent him for training and due to my bro job schedule back then required him to work almost every weekend so it became my duty to go through the training with Oscar.

Even before we sent him for training he is well trained at home – toilet trained and mannerism as in no licking (we didn’t like it so we never allow him to lick us).

My third dog – Baby Bell the Min Pin

We got this dog from my cousin bro’s. They adopted her from SPCA and left her outside as his children can’t stay in contact with dogs too near due to their asthmatic issue. Bell the
Min Pin made a lot of noise till the neighbors’ started to complain hence my cousin bro had no choice but to give her away and thought we would be the best person take over as we loves dog dearly.

Mum didn’t want another dog as handling Oscar is already quite hectic for her. So we decided to pass her to my grandma back in Ipoh. We had Baby Bell with us for like about a month before we send her off to grandma. She is as naughty as well and not easy to tame her as compared to Oscar.

My forth dog – Lucky the brown stray dog (yes again)

Yeah as per my title, again mummy picked up another stray dog from the street. She is so damn adorable that mum couldn’t resist but to pick her up. We love her dearly and again we named her as Lucky as she is lucky to have us as her owner. Her other siblings who are not so lucky mostly died as got hit by cars. Only one of them survived which is mixture of black and white colour whereby my other neighbor took him. So he is still lucky but he’s limping behind his leg due to car ran over his back leg so this make up he is rather less lucky than our Lucky at home.

After having her with us for about 2 months, mum decided to let her go when I was away for company trip. Mum had no choice but to let her go due to some disease that she contracted while she was having her stray dog life outside before we met her. To our surprised we brought her to the vet for a thorough check as we didn’t want her to bring back any sickness to Oscar. Somehow the skin disease that attacking her can’t be detected as it hit her slowly day by day as she grew. She started to bald slowly and she looks really horrible before the day I left home for my 5 days holiday.

I know this might sound cruel but mum didn’t want anything happen to Oscar so mum put her outside at the car porch and never allow Oscar to stay close with her at all. Mum was contemplating to let her go but after my aunt’s advice she decided to listen and gave up on her. Mum send her to the Old Town’s wet market as she won’t die of hunger at least. Mum’s eyes were teary when she left her there according to my aunt. As mum drove away from the market aunt and mum saw from the rear mirror that Lucky was chasing our car.

So sad…when I came back first thing I hunt for definitely my Baby Oscar and then Lucky but she’s already gone. I went back to the wet market to look for her but no I can’t find her anymore….

My fifth dog – Hugo the Black Mix Labrador

We (as in me and my ex) adopted Hugo from SPCA, Ampang. He is coated in black fur hence we named him as Hugo as I felt that Hugo suits him very well due to his black fur which to me seems to be very ‘man.’ Hugo is a mix
labrador, I supposed mix with stray dog. He has the features and the height of a genuine lab but his size he inherited from the stray dog gene. He can really eat damn a lot and we fed him like 3 to 4 meals a day just to make him fat but he won’t grow fat as it’s in his gene.

After me and my ex broke up, Hugo follow his daddy. Lately only Hugo came by my place as my ex have to travel for work for like about 2 weeks and his normal caretaker when he’s away for work not around hence he has got no choice but to send Hugo over my place with my mum’s agreement.

My sixth dog – Baby Bell the Jack Russell Terrier (yeah Bell again)

Yeap! I’ve another Jack Russell! Yoohooo!!! This time round my younger got her from one of the breeder’s place. I’ve been hunting for 3 years plus a female JR to mate with Oscar as I can feel his loneliness but it wasn’t easy at all as I mentioned earlier not much people own Jack Russell.

So my family decided to buy another one instead and here we go we’ve an additional to the family now! When we got her she is just 2 months old only and she is very skinny but now she looks so much better with mummy constant care when we are all out for work and college (my younger bro).

I am officially a true dog lover now

I guessed I can answer my doubt of what triggers me to become a dog lover. The answer is dog is just simply adorable, they will always be there for you and never walk away from you.

You can whine, you can cry, you can complain and you can even throw tantrum over them.

The only know how to take it and never fight back. Everyday no matter how stressful I am at work, I am so looking forward to go back home and check on my dogs.

Hug them, kiss them, pat on their forehead and call them naughty boy and girl.

They will just look at me, their stares just simply adorable and my heart melted immediately. Looking at my Baby Oscar of 4 years old now, I think about my beloved dad as daddy love him so much that Oscar would always be my dad’s companion when he needed a smoke outside the car porch while flipping the newspapers.


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EVo said...

Awww...each and everyone has a story and u remember so clearly. so sweet la!

Josh Lim said...

OMG they are ridiculously cute! Bring them out sometime, can? :)

nikeez said...

The Chihuahua is not a Chihuahua. She's a Min Pin.

Stripped Steph said...

SOooooooo Cuteeeee.....
Can i be ur puppy tooo????

Too bad i cant have one cuz i think by the time i come back from work, the fella will be gone to doggy heaven..

LithiumMind said...

such cute dogs! I wish my dog have a cert :)

Arth Akal said...

hey rachael,

ok, perhaps i should reply to you here instead. my msn, (god forbid if any stranger adds me up as well ;p) is - damndirtyangel[at]hotmail

awesome, now i have another blogger friend! hehe

Mj said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeee puppy puppy puppy!!!!
so cuuuute!

mellomouse said...

i lost track after the 4th doggy hehe. oscar is a doll, the patch mark on his body looks like a heart :)no

Kim said...

Wahhh so cute, babe! Myjojo likes your lil labrador, I personally prefer a fluffy and momo one. Your latest Bell is veryyyyy cute!!! I wanna play with it someday, can?

breadpitt said...

omgggg....alll of them were so adorable.......;-) said...

you're surely a dog lover! =)

The Prince of Centraxis said...

Hi Racheal (what a great spelling of the name!)
Dogs may be cute, but not as cute as boyfriends. Give us a chance!

nathaliez said...

Oh the black lab, may I know roughly what year did you adopted him? If im not wrong its ard 5 years back. I remember giving away 7 pups for adoption which resembles ur mixed lab.

elaine said...

your mum shouldn't have done tht... abandoning a dog in market so he wouldn't go hungry??? what screwed up logic is that? you should have dropped him at PAWS or SPCA instead, they would've made sure he would be alright. not some random chance of survival at some marketplace. taking in a stray dog doesn't mean you can dispose of it like a stray. dogs are dogs, strays or pure breeds.

that's not very responsible of you/your mother.

taking in more dogs after discarding them. interesting.