Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pick & Grab II @Hartamas Square

Still remember my rival turns friend Racheal Kow that I blogged earlier; Racheal vs Racheal

Well, she had a sales roadshow as stated above, Pick & Grab Part II.

I was there around 4pm which I’ve already promised her to turn up to support her
I tah-pau her some goreng pisang and a packet of Nasi Lemak
As I can anticipate she must be hungry operating the stall from since 10am

Super dupers blur me as I just woke up from my afternoon nap
I drove all the way to Hartamas Shopping Complex
I’m not sure why, but my mind kept thinking it’s there
Reached there called her and realized, I went to the wrong place
Pai-seh me, quickly I grab my car and drove to Hartamas Square

And the pix below tells the story…

Her small little shop

Nicely decorated

Varieties of selection

From belts, stocking, bangles, earings and etc

And even bags!

Since CNY around the corner, she took this opportunity to offer shoppers some CNY delights; home fried crispy 'Nga Koo'

I decided to cam-whore with the Cow Boy's Hat

Luv FunkShop55

Racheal K 'vs' Racheal T

One of the shop owner on her left side

The other owner of the shop on her left

I bought a pair of this shoe from the shop operated by the two malay owner

Winnie my gf got smitten with this shoes as well when she saw I wore it, she also getting a pair :)

This is what I gotten for myself that day

*Total damage about RM200 including the pair of shoe

Some accessories

My lovely sweet Racheal K gave me these two gifts

Hot water bag that she got from her China trip, this would be good to ease the pain of my wound and to put on my stummy whenever I encounter period pain as well as good for winter country

Next the sunnies which she asked her maid slipped into my shopping bags without me realizing as I spotted it and wanted to buy but she won’t take my money so I decided not to take it

She text me about half an hour later and inform me that the sunnies love me so much and decided to follow me back home

My dear Racheal K, you're such a sweeheart!
No more next time ok? You rugi my dear!
Business is still business

Her site currently running some promotion
Quickly check and see if you're lucky enough to grab anything
Quick! Quick! Before you're too late!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My B'day Celebration '09

I’ve hit the wall of 27 this year
For 12 days since its past 12midnight now
Any celebration?
I no longer really celebrate my Birthday, sign of getting old I supposed
Normally juz dinner with family and some close friend as a good closure for the year

On the eve night (7th Jan), he thought I didn’t really know his plan
After the class, he brought me to somewhere for the little humble countdown
I kinda play dumb to go along his little plan, effort appreciated
First destination, my favourite dessert chain was closed
Head off to Bangsar Denise Wine instead

Sharp 12am, I received one phone call from one of my close musician guy friend
And not to miss out few smses as well
Also, Cyrus did something to my Facebook; tagged me over a picture

Narcissism side of me

*Dress – Denim Cami Dress from Funkshop55

Me cam whoring with my Margarita

Had my first candle blew and made my first wish sharp 12am

On the actual day 8th Jan
Head off to work earlier than my normal days as I’ve some stuff to rush
To my surprised, he was even much earlier than I do
He called me even before I reach office
Waited for him at my office lobby for about 10 mins
He came with my favourite Star Bucks’ Hot Choco and his own made Fruits Salad
I was astonished with all the effort and time that he put in

Step into my office on my PC and saw below:

Cyrus’ effort – the picture that he tag me on my Facebook sharp 12am and followed by sms

After about 2 hours later, received call from my direct line from our office reception
Was informed that I’ve a bouquet of flower
Went up and collect the 12 stalks of roses
It was ridiculously heavy!

11 stalks of white roses + 1 red rose which represent him, such a sweetie!

His beautiful roses with the other 3 bouquet of roses from the last year secret admirer

Later 5-ish I was about to head off for our office internal meeting
I was kinda being stopped from leaving by my superior
Was talking about work, he was in front of me then
Suddenly he walked to my right side and sat on his place
So I’ve to face turn my chair and face him while talking

Out of the blue, I saw my whole team people walking in from the glass door on the left
Holding a cake with a candle
And starting to sing the usual Happy Birthday Song

I was delighted and rather touched
Thus I had my second candle blew and made my second wish

The team people mingling around while enjoying the cake

Carol cutting the cake into pieces to the rest of the team

My piece of Chocolate Moist Cake from Secret Recipe

He brought me to somewhere for dinner
At first I thought what kinda dodge place he brought me to
As he parked at the alley, those dirty 'lorong-lorong'
Where you could easily spot some drug addicts busy injecting vitamins into their body

He then ushered me into this nice and cozy restaurant
Then only I realized, it was Café Café KL which serves Italian & French Cuisine
I was immediately enthralled by its lavish interior
We flip the menu and order 2 set dinner
And he proceeded to order my favourite Moet & Chandon Champagne

Let's go through the pix of the pretty dishes with my 5 star ratings point

My appetizer – Frog thighs’ with a small scope of rice

Rating out of 5 star: Full 5 stars!

His appetizer – Garlic baked escargots

Rating out of 5 star: 4 stars

Our Second appetizer – Pumpkins Soup (left) and Rocket Leaves Vinaigrette Salad (right)

Rating out of 5 star: 3.5 Stars for soup
Rating out of 5 star: 4 Stars for the salad

His main course – Grilled Salmon with some sauce (I can’t recall what sauce)

Rating out of 5 star: 3.5 Stars
(The sauce - so so only, wasn’t that great)

My main course – Grilled Cod Fish with mushroom white sauce

Rating out of 5 star: Full 5 Stars!
(The sauce is superb! I can't enough of it! I swear I'm gonna eat this again if I ever go there!)

Our Moet & Chandon

He already made prior booking and spoken to the manager
Hence they made some arrangement when the desserts serve
We order one Crème Brulee and a Moist Warm Choco
The serve us the Crème Brulee first

After about 5 min came the Moist Warm Choco with a candle and nicely decorated on a plate
And the manager progress into singing Birthday song together with him
The only turn off part was that the manager got mixed up
He thought it was his Birthday instead and the manager nicely sung out his name (wtf!)
I was staggered, he kept on apologize

Oh well, since it’s my Birthday…
I accepted his apologies tolerably without showing face

Stuffed up nicely with the marvelous food and champagne
He went over his car to get my pressie, yeah!!!
Now this is what I’ve been waiting for :p
He got me my Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic Set
Love it as my perfume was about to finish and I intend to reload later

My red face after few glasses of Champagne

* Blood rush people! I can't help it!

Lovely decorated!

My Estee Lauder Pleasures Exotic Set

Herewith I attached the map for your reference if you interested to visit Café Café KL


Not done yet! I still have story together with delicious food pix!

On the 9th Jan, it’s my Family Day Dinner
Also my last day of having best meal
Before my wisdom tooth operation which I’ve blogged about earlier
We opt for Chinese Restaurant instead as I specially requested for Crabs!

Yeah I was craving for crabs like mad!

Let’s check out the fabulous food that we had together with my rating

Guinness Stout Crab

Rating out of 5 star: 4 Stars
(Too sweet, the sugar taste has taken over the Guinness Stout taste)

Kam Heong Crab

Rating out of 5 star: 4 Stars
(Slightly over fried, can taste the after effect of over fried)

Check out the gigantic crab’s chela

This is how much I had for that day, I sapu most of the chela :p

Now it's all GONE!

Overall the food was so so, we don’t plan to go back there anymore
The food is over charged, not to mention all the imperfect taste as a result of over fried or overly taste
But nevertheless the crab was really huge and fresh
Overall the dinner still great as it was filled with laughter and family bonding

Next in-line program, dessert time!
My elder bro’s gf bought me a cake from Baker’s Cottage
Chocolate Cake, looks so lip-smacking…Hmm, yum yum
Standard procedure, candle, sing song, make a wish and blow candle
Thus, my forth for this year! Not bad heh

Oh yeah, not to miss my elder bro gave me some $$$ to do shopping, Yippie!!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Making my forth wish for this year :p

Berposing a bit with the lovely cake before blew off the candle

6 Portions for the family - missing my Beloved Heroic Daddy (if only you still around)

My second pressie from my Childhoodie Designer Micky Tan

* Love every bits of this skirt, reserving it still waiting for CNY then Buka Puasa! :p

This is one of her design, click here to check out her design

I must say I feel so blessed and grateful for all the attention and love
From my family, him, my close friends and my colleagues at work
Such a terrific 3 days for me thou am getting older! (face the fact Racheal!)
I can’t ask for more for all the love poured on me

One thing missing thou, my heroic Beloved-Daddy…
Love you Daddy, I am fine here...and missing you still everyday
From you lovely one and only daughter, I promised I will be good

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Berserk me...

It's been 6 days since the operation, took 1 and half day MC. Monday half day MC as I’ve some stuff to rush for client which I already promised and Tuesday full day MC rest at home. Dentist gave me 2 days MC only.

On Monday I went to work with swollen right jaw and I looked really bad - pale and frowning all the time due to the intense pain. Was resting at home yesterday and it got better, I can slightly chew some real soft food. Can’t chew much one or twice and if lucky maybe thrice and then I’ve to proceed to swallow it. No more chewing as further chew will cause the ache.

On Wednesday, I woke up feeling quite good but one of my colleague from other side was asking me if am sick, I asked her why as she didn’t knew I went thru operation to remove the wisdom tooth. She said I look pale.

The wound didn’t give me much problem the whole day but an hour earlier it got nasty. As in really NASTY!! It was so painful, 8pm plus am still in the office the pain grew, the nerve pulled like shit and I’ve to give it a go and skipped my Salsa class.

I reached home and my mood was really bad. Mummy saw my face and asked me what’s wrong, told her the wound was very painful. I’ve no choice but to pop the pain killers, down 2 tablets. Normally I will try to hold it as much as I could and try not to rely on medicine.

This morning I’ve 10am at client place. I was totally fine except for a bit of numbness feeling on my right jaw, I did a short presentation which I shouldn’t have done it at all coz after the meeting ended I started to feel the nerve pulling. It wasn’t that bad yet and I head back to office to enjoy my food.

Huuureeehhhh!! I don’t need to eat porridge today! Thanks to mummy!!

‘Hun Liu’ is one of the Hokkien people specialties

Normally we will only cook this special dish the day before CNY, not for Reunion Dinner but lunch instead. What my mummy cook for me today is not the actual taste and actual ingredients but very much near to it as due to timing and she only cook it for me early morning. Also for the fact that I still can’t chew much, hence some of the ingredients she replaced with something soft that does not require me to chew at all.

In fact, the actual ‘Hun Liu’ made of the fish soups which cook with the fish bone and other ingredient to get the sweetness. The meat of the fish fried and slice it nicely, vegetable cut into small piece, tau foo pop cut into small cubes, dried oyster cut into cubes, mushroom cut into cubes and lastly the hero of this dish is Mee Suah. For the gravy the ingredients consist of oyster sauce and a lot of corn starch to make the dish really thick.
Yummy-licious! After 5 continuous days of porridge I really can’t afford to eat it anymore. When I smell porridge, I feel like vomiting. Yes! That extreme! Not that my mummy cook me plain porridge, in fact she cook dried scallop with minced meat porridge for the first 2 days and subsequent days she cook minced meat with soft tau foo and veggie porridge for me. But still for 5 days I’ve been eating the same thing!

Close Up

Dried oyster, tau foo pop replaced with soft tau foo and she added carrot for me as well

I head back to office to enjoy my lunch although I’ve another 3pm meeting. After the 3pm meeting while on the way back to office, the pain grew out of sudden. It was enormously pain, the nerve pulled like mad till it affected my head thus I had massive headache. Back to office I thought chill for awhile as we’ve company party later. The pain still there and grew even more and the best part is I left my only 2 tablets of painkillers at home! I’ve no choice but to give it a skip for the company party.

He offered to pick me up as I couldn’t drive at all. The headache was really dreadful and my GM said I look terrible and pale. Best part is, he was late for 2 hours! And I’ve to literally stuck in office waiting for him for 2 hours!

I’m ok as he still has some stuff to do but he didn’t inform me at all hence the second phone call I made to him, I showed my temper. The pain was killing plus he made me waited for 2 hours without even letting me know he got dragged into discussion after discussion.

Reached home, mummy passed me some extra strong panadol to ease my pain. Took it about 5 to 10 mins later then I was totally fine. I even cook instant noodle and cut the noodle into really small pieces so that I don’t need to chew at all!

Hopefully by Saturday the nerve won’t be pulling anymore as Havana Estudio is holding a party this Sat and I really want to go for it. Pray hard I shall be fine by Saturday.

Next week 20th Jan, Tues scheduled to go to the dentist to remove the stitches and replace my crowning. Will be on MC on that day just in case the process of removing the stitches would be painful